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This Marinade Mix was conceived in 2000, Ricardo took the basic “Carne Preparada” (You’ll find it in Mexican Butcher Shops, “Carnicerias”) and went a few steps further. Loaded with Spices & Flavor that will have your Family/Friends calling you the “Grill-Master”! Words alone cannot explain the Mouth-Watering taste you will enjoy, try it and see for yourself. You will be ordering more and will begin to explore the other products Don Ricardo Foods has to offer.
Tri-Tip may be a little difficult to Grill, but with DRF’s Marinade Mix, it takes most of the difficulty away because the Marinade itself softens the meat for a Tender & Flavorful Tri-Tip (every time) or other meat you decide to marinade.

Air, Land & Sea

Our Recipes cover Land, Air & Sea (Beef/Pork, Chicken & Fish). We have Detailed Instructions for using the Spice Mixes & Detailed Instructions on Cooking, Grilling & Frying. In addition, advice on Meat and Vegetable preparation. Simply Browse our Menu Bar to find what you’re looking for.
We have YouTube Links for “Quick Guide” or “Follow Along” Instructions for both Mixing and Cooking. Thanks for using DON RICARDO FOODS and as they say in Mexico “Ha su Provecho” (To Your Taste)

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― Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly

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